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Breaking Switches: 1)Pass and cut. By not coming together, there is no opportunity to switch. 2)Post up the switch.… https://t.co/KZzrehWtG2

UConn point guard Jalen Adams told ESPN he won't even test NBA draft process, said he is looking forward to getting… https://t.co/iTZ4HGqDwj

Cornell junior guard Matt Morgan is testing the waters and declaring for the NBA draft for 2nd straight year. 1st t… https://t.co/GywlmmlHWS

In NCAA action you get time to lock into your first opponent. No time to enjoy the win as the next game is a short… https://t.co/OSclenoyOY

Alabama with a huge win over Virginia Tech. Avery Johnson is a master at taking away what the opposition does best.… https://t.co/jdYRjooPJJ

We'll find out if Boston College is a legitimate NCAA contender after today's game at Louisville. Eagles have the g… https://t.co/22d5F1jVvu

Rhode Island's guards 75, Dayton 74. Final Score: 88-74. Conclusion? The deepest perimeter in college basketball resides in Kingston.

Text book press break by the #Dons! @Bucket4Bucket gets the ball in the middle of the floor and feeds a streaking… https://t.co/d92HVCFChS

Guards win in college basketball and Miami's guard core looks as good as any. Canes beat Minnesota at Minnesota. Wi… https://t.co/axC1Qi4I3R

Biggest thing I'm curious to see in Duke-UNC? The Blue Devils' transition defense against the Tar Heels' secondary break. Here. We. Go.

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Dwan Mathis a Buckeye: The impact
Dwan Mathis a Buckeye: The impact
Sun, 24 Jun 2018 22:50:30 GMT
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