Oral Roberts

One key factor in this Ben Simmons injury is that the Sixers are not able to evaluate him as primary point guard prior to the NBA Draft.

RT @GoCCUsports: Congrats to Annie Bothma of @CoastalTFXC for winning NCAA Southeast Regionals! https://t.co/iMWSacX2q0

There are several new points of emphasis with @NCAA basketball officiating this year.Watch: https://t.co/AyTuANVlsv

Allow me to recommend Jerome Holtzman's classic book: "No Cheering in the Press Box." https://t.co/krUpFBwIN6

Congratulations to the MSOC Defensive Player of the Year, Emil Laursen of @GSAthletics_MSO #FunBelt https://t.co/kMkSIcKGBH

RT @Nick_Offerman: Dear America,Passions will run high 2nitePlease take the high road & embrace ur fellow citizens no matter the outcome…

87-36, GSU | 3:50 | 2ndFinal media timeout. @willieclayton21 with 16 points and 19 rebounds.

Before the last set of free throws by Point, Georgia State had been on a 19-0 run to take an 83-34 lead.

RT @TheBenPeck: Looks like we'll be going on at 9:38 on @fox34 - tell your kids 9:35 to be safe, TTU fans! https://t.co/LL9tKdvf4V

JOB POSTING: Assistant Basketball Coach - Middlesex Community College - Part-timehttps://t.co/jcdz99X2RH https://t.co/6ckjiayXAb

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