I wonder how many times the first career run allowed by an MLB pitcher came on an inside-the-park HR. Happened to Ricky Rodriguez tonight.

RT @pedromoura: With that tapper to shortstop, Albert Pujols has broken a tie with Cal Ripken. He now holds the record for double plays gro…

How many times has Rajai watched his World Series home run? "I can’t even count. If I told you I would be embarrassed."

Rougned Odor at third as the winning run after a Carlos Gomez double. Joey Gallo up. One out. Ninth inning. 2-2 tie.

#Rangers' first hit of the game is a one-out double by Joey Gallo on an 0-2 pitch. Third inning. Two outs now.

You never know what's going to happen at an #AstrosST [email protected] plays catch with a fan and brings him in… https://t.co/UHhO4tw5il

Violence at Romania-Poland football match, 2 hospitalized https://t.co/1Idq2wDGyP

Candidate to run World Sailing demands more transparency https://t.co/9tFiUNnCBX @berniewilson

This speaks volumes about the NHL. Hard work pays off, and the draft isn't the end of the dream for some players.… https://t.co/lJix2NEqzE

RT @darenw: [email protected] Jose Altuve's base hit spray chart this year... #SilverSlugger https://t.co/dGOvdwRd3B