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RT @DraftExpress: Tough debut for Billy Preston in Bosnia. Had 3 fouls in 6 minutes, scoring 2 points on 1/3 shooting with 2 assists, 1 reb…

In Saturday's NSU Cenla Showdown against Louisiana College, @jalanwest12 had a very smooth line - 14 points, 9 assi…

Freshman guard @JoshBoydSmoove scored his college high of 13 points and had 2 key steals in today's win -

The Shreveport Times previews today's final home football game -

Erik Thomas AKA @Erik20_Thomas with a career-high 31 points already and has a double-double with 10 rebounds to go with 3 steals & 2 assists

The Privateers are outscoring LaGrange 38-13 in the second half to roll out to a commanding 83-48 lead with 7:51 left to play. #GeauxUNO

RT @NSUDemonsWBB: Lady Demons dump LeTourneau in Dupuy's victorious debut #KnowYourWs #coNSUmed

RT @NSUDemonsFB: Unbeaten, No. 1-ranked Bearkats visit Turpin for Demons' Senior Night Saturday #coNSUmed

Wouldn't shock me -- but this draft will have great depth in first 15-20 picks.

Wizards guard Brad Beal left game tonight with hamstring injury. Told by sources he will have MRI tomorrow, but optimism it's not serious.

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