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For years, the NCAA has tried to crack down on college hoops corruption. Why the FBI succeeded where they could not:

Watching college guys scrimmage now at Under Armour camp here in Philly. Matt Farrell could give Bonzie Colson a run for ND's MVP next year.

Answer ?s like "What center had the most assists since 1992-93" in the Play Index

NCAA considering moving up season start date for college basketball, plus a mandatory mid-season off period.

Answer ?s like "What center had the most assists in a season since 1992" in the Play Index

Christian Williams offensive rebound putback. Fran mentioned his rebounding as a key asset on Monday. #Hawkeyes

Kansas is one of the best teams on the court, and one of the biggest messes off it, in college hoops.

Believe it or not, only two conferences survived opening night undefeated: The Pac-12 and Big East.

Emmett Naar has two more fouls than points, and Saint Mary's still leads a quality Nevada team by 13 at halftime.

ACC went 13-2 combined in basketball and football today. Boston College lost both games

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