Explore the parallel universe in which Mike Leach left college football to coach Key West High by @Andy_Staples https://t.co/3rJz55E0OK

That was fast! USC strikes first as Darnold hits Burnett in the end zone on the first play of overtime. 24–17, Trojans.

Purdue making a statement in Columbia so far—Mizzou had 17 yards of offense in the first quarter… https://t.co/lefZZwAxdJ

Patience, experience and a few scheme tweaks helped Oklahoma’s defense batter the Buckeyes https://t.co/u2RVmdkwc8

Leonard Fournette thinks Derrius Guice will be drafted higher than he was—Guice has to carry the LSU offense first https://t.co/jz6KRny9Xq

The Ole Miss defense will be bolstered by the return of these two from suspension, but how will they be used? https://t.co/x0RPC9GMdv

Punt, Pass & Pork: @Andy_Staples on Washington’s 270-pound lineman and Seattle’s hard-to-find sushi https://t.co/AQyyV8u9L6

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What happens next for Hugh Freeze and everyone else tied up in Ole Miss's NCAA case? (by @Andy_Staples) https://t.co/ZXuajine7g

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Penn State's revenge on Michigan means the time for national dominance is now
Penn State's revenge on Michigan mean...
Mon, 23 Oct 2017 03:32:33 +0000
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